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The future depends on new ways of tackling addictions, alcoholism and mental health challenges. It begins with recovery, a way to be healthy again, live the life you choose and reach your full potential.
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Help address problem gambling in our community. If you think you or someone you know has a gambling problem, use our online screening tool to find out.

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With your help, we can change the way the world thinks about addictions, alcoholism and mental health. Join us in envisioning a better world and in making it true for our most vulnerable citizens.
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Prevention and treatment work. People recover. By working together, we can improve outcomes, address many social issues, save taxpayers a great deal and prevent unnecessary human suffering.

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According to the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s office the number of confirmed overdoses in 2016 has increased from 517 to at least 610 as of today. Recovery Resources is committed to being part of our community’s solution to this opiate crisis and as we prepare for our 5th Annual Run for Recovery, we are launching a movement around the 610 lives that were lost in 2016 to drug overdoses. We plan to have over 600 participants at this year’s 5th Annual Run for Recovery to represent, remember, celebrate and honor those lives that were lost.

Recovery Resources Associate Board Member Tera Coleman, share her personal story on addiction in support of Run for Recovery.

Click on video to watch

If you would like to donate to Tera’s team “ Yass Queens” click on link below:


Register or Donate to Run for Recovery: https://www.wizathon.com/runforrecovery/index.php           

                  Calling All Artists
     Mental Health Awarness Month
                     May 1 – 31st

In support of May Mental Health Awareness Month, Recovery Resources and the Cuyahoga County Justice Center will co-host an art exhibit again this year in the Justice Center lobby. The exhibit will be open to the public May 1 – May 31st. Please share with your clients who may be interested to submit their art for display. Learn More

Upcoming Events


Client Art Show

8:30am to 4:30pm
Cleveland Justice Center 1200 Ontario St, Cleveland, OH 44113
Cleveland, Ohio


Smoking Education Program

11:00 am -12:00 pm
4269 Pearl Road
Cleveland, Ohio


Fitness & Exercise Program

12:30 pm - 2:00pm
4269 Pearl Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109, Ohio

  • Gambling Problem?

    Fact: Problem gamblers are more 20 times more likely to attempt suicide and twice as likely to face bankruptcy. If you need help or aren’t sure about it, find out more now. Read more or visit HitMeCleveland.com.

  • Mental Health First Aid

    With 1 in 4  experiencing mental illness in their lifetime, you're much more likely to encounter someone in a mental health crisis than someone having a heart attack. Learn how to help with this groundbreaking public education program.

  • Training Institute

    We are your source for NEW, high quality, and affordable behavioral health trainings, always with a practical slant and grounded in today’s best practices. See the list of trainings and plan to attend today!

  • Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with approximately 75,000 deaths every year.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • 23.1 million people need treatment for illicit substance or alcohol abuse — 9.1% of all Americans aged 12 or older.

    Coalition Against Drug Abuse

  • An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about 1 in 4 adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

    National Institute of Mental Health

  • 9% of Americans needing treatment for substance abuse are receiving it, leaving 20.5 million people still in need.

    Coalition Against Drug Abuse

  • 73% of U.S. Citizens who are problem gamblers have also had a drinking disorder.

  • 17.9 million people in the U.S. have alcohol dependence or abuse problems. That’s 7% of the population.

    Coalition Against Drug Abuse

Monday, April 03, 2017
Need in Cuyahoga County for Dual Diagnosis Program to Integrate Problem Gambling
There is a great need to integrate problem gambling into alcohol and drug programs. The following story highlights this need.
Thursday, March 30, 2017
Community Awareness Can Help Prevent Gambling-Related Suicides
It is estimated that one person throughout the world dies by suicide every 40 seconds (World Health Organization, 2002). The National Council on Problem Gambling, citing various studies, reports that one in five pathological gamblers attempts suicide, a rate higher than for any other addictive disorder. Through community awareness and available resources we can make a change in this devestating issue. 
Thursday, March 23, 2017
Prioritizing Prevention with Problem Gambling
The ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County is a leader in problem gambling prevention and treatment. How do we recognize the signs someone is struggle, and what resources are in the community?

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