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Three Good Reasons...

to Buy Our Business Services

Working together gives you the opportunity to

  1. solve problems and
  2. save money while
  3. doing good for your employees and the community.

We offer a full suite of drug testing, prevention and management services for your business through our AssistNow program, as well as six business services that employ individuals in recovery. When you buy business services from Recovery Resources, you are helping those in recovery make their way to independence. It’s a great way to do more for the community while getting more for your dollar. 

Specialized HR Support

Recovery Resources has many areas of specialized expertise and service which we make available to the community for purchase, beginning with EAP, where "Your Employees are Our Business."


AssistNow, Recovery Resource's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offers a robust array of services to help employers navigate challenging personnel issues. We work with companies across Northeast Ohio, helping employers design and comply with Drug-Free Workplace Programs and set up and maintain drug-testing practices. 

In addition, we offer your employees short-term and confidential counseling, extensive workplace training, HR management support, and exceptional crisis intervention and management services. AssistNow is your partner in cultivating and maintaining employees who are healthy, satisfied and productive. 

We have been an Employee Assistance Provider for more than 30 years and are conveniently located with eight offices in Northeast Ohio. Call 216-431-4140, Brittany Roppel

Click a plus sign to see our AssistNow services.

  • What we offer

    Up to five face to face solution focused counseling sessions with a Licensed Counselor, addressing a wide range of issues, to promote healthy & active employees.

    Proactive coaching services with either a Licensed Counselor, or a Certified Health Education Specialist, to address smaller concerns, or wellness goals employees would like to reach.

    24/7 availability for emergencies

  • Who we treat

    All employees of your company are covered, as well as their household members.

  • What we treat
    Stress or emotional distress
    Job-related issues
    Marital or family concerns
    Alcohol or substance abuse
    Legal or financial problems
    Anger management
    And more
  • Organizational Development & Training

    A wide range of trainings are offered & provided by qualified individuals in the following groups of topics-

    Leadership development
    Personal development
    Professional development
    Health and wellness
  • Management Consulting

    Behavioral and performance problems

    Organizational development

    Planning for downsizing or restructuring

    Sexual or other harassment issues

  • Critical Incident Management

    Supervisor training

    Employee awareness and prevention

    Crisis intervention

  • Becoming a Drug Free Place
    Comprehensive drug free safety program (DFSP) training
    Consultation on DFSP policies
    Screening of employees testing positive for substances


Agencies that have benefited from Recovery Resources’ consulting services

  • Hitchcock Center for Women
  • AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland
  • Stella Maris
  • Hospice of the Western Reserve

Consultations for College Campuses

Our staff of experienced, trained professionals will work with your institution to implement a comprehensive, best-practice approach to address substance use among your student population. Our services include:

  • Inventory of current substance use services/programs and policies on campus
  • Development of social norms campaigns and social hosting initiatives
  • Evidence-based education/prevention programs to address high-risk behaviors
  • Development of a comprehensive  high-risk behavior reduction program 

Research shows that initiatives aimed at reducing alcohol problems among college-age youth have been effective, leading to reductions in: Underage drinking, alcohol-related assaults, emergency department visits and alcohol-related crashes.

When it comes to drinking in college, it's no time to look the other way. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), each year, drinking by college students aged 18 to 24 contributes to an estimated:

  • 1,700 student deaths
  • 599,000 injuries
  • 97,000 cases of sexual assault or date rape

For more information about our consulting services, call Ayme McCain 216-431-4131  

Recovery Resources’ funds honor very special friends

James’ Fund

James’ Fund honors the memory of James Grant Dolezal.

Casey’s Fund

Casey’s Fund honors the memory of Kenneth "Casey" Coleman, Cleveland sportscaster and voice of Recovery Resources.

Helen's Fund

Helen's Fund honors the memory of Helen K. Jones, former president & CEO.

Rajesh's Fund

Rajesh's Fund was established in memory of Rajesh Gopalakrishna by his family and friends.